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What is a disk crash :  

Data loss is one of our industry's most misunderstood concepts. Very little information has been made public about data loss, and the information that does exist is inconsistent. Due to the mixed messages they receive, users find it difficult to properly evaluate their data loss situations and make educated decisions to recover from them.

Most "lost" data is not lost at all. It has simply become inaccessible to the user. Hundreds of thousands of gigabytes (GB) of data have been lost simply because users were not aware of their options and gave up hope of recovery.

While data may be inaccessible to you, our experiences indicate that approximately 95% of all inaccessible data can be recovered. This number approaches 100% if the drive is received before commercial utilities are exercised. Our data recovery experts have the ability to recover your data using proprietary techniques and tools developed through years of Research & Development.