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Data Recovery Specialist Course
Unistal’s Certified Data Recovery Professional is being offered by the pioneers in the data recovery industry. This would help students get an edge over others in job opportunities with system integrators, computer manufacturers, IT departments of corporates. It also provides an opportunity to start a data recovery software and services business.
  1. Data! Why We Must Value It?
  2. Hard Disk Drives and other Storage Devices
  3. File Systems and Hard Disk Logical Structure
  4. New Technology File System (NTFS)
  5. Macintosh File System
  6. Linux File System
  7. Novell NetWare File System
  8. Data Recovery Methodology
  9. Problem of data loss
  10. What to do and what not to do in data loss situation
  11. Recovering from Damaged Disks
  12. Other Storage Media Devices
  13. Data Recovery from Physical Disk Crashes
Benefits to the candidates :
This e-learning online course is self explanatory with pictures and clips describing the actual data recovery process. The self data recovery practice software helps you to get a feel of the data recovery procedures and cases.
Handling data recovery cases
Understanding disk crash and data loss
Deep knowledge of file system internals
Identifying the correct mode for data recovery
Recovering from bad hard disks
Interesting facts about data storage and technique
How to prevent data loss.
Support from Unistal - Experts since 1994
Career Opportunities :

IT engineers can enhance their skills for better opportunities.
Start your own data recovery center.
Flash your certification to get jobs as a support engineer.
Students from faculties like BCA, MCA, BE, BTech, MBA, Polytechnic, ITI, diploma in computers etc. Support engineers of various computer maintenance companies, IT professional and computer departments of any firm
USD$ 830
INR 50,000
96 Hours / 60 Days