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Data Care Professional Course
Data - The most important and most expensive part of any computer. Whether it is documents prepared by an executive, a balance sheet / profit and loss account prepared by an accountant, inventory details prepared by a store keeper, presentation prepared by a sales manager, all these require investment of time and money. It is proven that any document created once cannot be recreated back in the same manner and time. Loss of data is loss of creativity, loss of time, efforts wasted. Every user should be capable of handling data disasters themselves and not be totally dependant on their support company or IT department.
Unistal’s certified data care professional course is being designed to provide both the concepts of data care vis-a-vis 1) Data Loss Prevention methodology 2) Data Recovery / Disaster Recovery solutions. This course is necessary for all computer users starting from accountant, marketing teams, IT departments, or a basic computer learner. It gives an opportunity to be ready to avoid/handle data disasters.
Benefits to the candidates :
This certification course is being offered to make everyone aware about the importance of data and how to keep it safely. The first line of data safety is the user himself.
Candidate will be technically aware to handle crises situation.
On the completion of this course the candidate will be completely aware of the importance of data, the nuances involved in handling it, recovering from a disaster and the means of data loss prevention.
This course will help students get jobs in organizations because preventing data loss is the main concern of any organization.
This course will help company executives be more careful (since 40% of data loss cases are due to user negligence) about handling data and hence more responsible towards data care.
This course can help young entrepreneurs to start their own data recovery/care business.
Many myths about data and its storage will be cleared.
Synopsis :
A detailed study of operating system, file system, data storage technologies of MS Windows, Linux, Novell NetWare. Data loss cases, reasons and conditions for such occurrences. Extensive practical course covering data recovery, data loss prevention, business continuity and disaster recovery techniques. Methods of making an effective disaster recovery plan. How a business continuity solution works?
Students from faculties like BCA, MCA, BE, BTech, MBA, Polytechnic, ITI, diploma in computers etc. Support engineers of various computer maintenance companies, IT professional and computer departments of any firm
US$ 1333
144 Hours / 90 Days