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Course Concept


Unistal's Data Care Courses have been designed to train a wide strata of computer users to manage, serve, understand and advice on data loss prevention, data safety, data recovery, disaster recovery and business continuity.

- This course provides the computer manufacturer, maintenance firms and system administrators of corporate/government departments to equip their work force with complete knowledge on data care concepts with professional practical and theoretical studies. Thus providing more satisfactory and right solutions to avoid data loss or data crash crisis situation.

- This professional course is also very useful to the students of computer institutes/colleges/polytechnics/ITI's in understanding the file systems, data care concepts, data recovery tools and practical case studies at the root level itself. So at any later stage, they are already aware of the importance of data and protection mechanisms.

- With this course every computer user of corporate/government companies  will be able to understand the concepts of all the components of data care, thus reducing the downtime and huge loss to the organization.

- Unistal's basic course provides awareness and software tools in data recovery, business continuity and data protection aspects. This would help them in stepping into the most talked about arena of IT industry today.


Why was this course developed?


Being in the data recovery business for more than a decade, we have met, interacted and consulted numerous organizations, computer technicians, individuals, computer manufacturing companies and computer maintenance firms. We compiled statistic and were alarmed to know that most of the data recovery cases we received were due to their own negligence, many did not even know that data recovery would be possible after such a disaster! Some did not even know that data could be recovered after a disk is formatted! did you!! One person thought that if he had a UPS, his data would always be safe!

But who is to be blamed for this lack of awareness?  Being experts in the field of data recovery, data loss prevention and business continuity implementation, we take it on ourselves.

We realized that the first most important step to prevent data loss disasters is the computer user himself.


What went into designing this course?


To enable the user to protect his data from unforeseen disasters or to perform a post disaster recovery, we developed software tools for the same:

- Data loss prevention

- Post crash data recovery


- Operating system and application restoration


- Remote auto-backup and restoration applications


- Disk probing, diagnosis and forensics


We designed a course that would create awareness about the root causes of data loss and how to prevent them right at the core.

A deep knowledge of the operating system's file system structure and how data is stored in it helps to understand the complexities and assumed trivia's of recovery procedures.

Clarity in file structures and recovery case studies makes this course more interesting as many myths and magic turn real.

More than 13 years of experience in data recovery services, developing and designing tools and techniques for business continuity implementation has gone into designing this course.