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We are all aware of the growth in IT and Computers in our country. This growth is leading to a massive deposit of data (Information) in all Industry sectors. This data has to be cared for, it has to be secure. Information Security (IS) is one of the fastest growing segments of the Information Technology (IT) market. We have to be ready for the drastic manpower demand in the forthcoming years for this. As per IDC, the worldwide demand for IS Services was approximately $8 billion in 2001, estimated to grow to $23.6 billion by 2006. A report by Nasscom states that the current demand for IS professionals is over 68,000 in India and over 1,60,000 worldwide! This is estimated to grow to over 1,77,000 in India and 4,88,000 worldwide by 2008.
Value to Partners  
A unique course in itself.  


No Competition at all.  
Course Organized by the leaders in this field Since 1994.  
Partner will always get latest in technology.  
Data Recovery/data care/business continuity software tools are indigenously designed for the Practical.  
Wide segment of candidates, maintenance engineers, corporate customers and government organizations.  
Faculty gets trained directly from Unistal.  
Easy to convince students since this course helps them in becoming different from others in job hunting and also gives them an opportunity to start their own business.  
Easy to teach since all theory is linked to practical.  
Quick startup since course requires no extra or special hardware. Existing infrastructure is enough.  
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