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Attention Computer Technicians, Students, Computer Users, IT Specialists.
Unistal Systems offers specialized online training courses for physical and logical hard disk data recovery / data care / disaster recovery solutions.
Data Recovery
A practical oriented course which imparts training in data recovery. First a detailed study of data types, file systems and operating system fundamentals is done. A step by step procedure of how a file is written and read from the disk helps in better understanding of the file system. Using this information is described how data loss occurs, how it can be recovered and under what circumstances data recovery is partial or not possible too. Special emphasis is given on case studies and practical recovery concepts. This training also provides the concepts of data recovery when a hard drive is physically crashed or being not detected by the bios of motherboard.
This course has been designed after a detailed analysis of the problems faced by organizations and lack of coordinated solutions present. More than lack of solutions it is the unawareness of the solutions. Everyone talks of Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Management, but it is not just management that will help, it is the tools that need to be implemented. We have also noticed that, the computer / IT departments of many organizations do not hold responsibility of data of their employees. It is very surprising that DATA which is the heart of matter of any individual or organization is left to the responsibility of the individual who has created it!!
US$ 833
96 Hours / 60 Days
US$ 1333
144 Hours / 90 Days